Microalghe: fra ambiente e innovazione -

Microalghe: fra ambiente e innovazione

Let's discover little-known organisms with great potential

When talking about microalgae we refer to organisms that, as plants, are able to perform photosynthesis, but characterized by very small dimensions in the order of micrometers ... or 1 thousandth of a millimeter!

In nature, microalgae are present in different environments such as marine and freshwater, deserts, glaciers and many others, and they represent fundamental elements of life in these ecosystems.

At the same time, also due to current climate changes, microalgae can be harmful to the surrounding environment and to other organisms, including humans. However, the relationship that regulates microalgae and mankind is not only negative, thanks to the extraordinary characteristics of these microorganisms that make them particularly interesting for innovative biotechnological applications.

Save the date on November 27th, 9:00 p.m. @ Teams, we will try to discover these fantastic organisms thanks to video presentations from AlgoLab (University of Bologna) and learn something more about the industrial production of Spirulina in Ravenna, with a video intervention by Micoperi Blue Growth.

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