Curare i tumori con la luce -

Curare i tumori con la luce

We will talk about light-based therapies that can complement or even replace traditional anticancer treatments.

Cancer is the leading cause of death worldwide. The World Health Organization (WHO) reported nearly 18.1 million new cases and 9.6 million deaths for the year 2018. The most common deaths were accounted for Lung, Colon, Prostate, and Breast cancers. The occurrence of cancer death can be considerably decreased by a correct and early diagnosis and effective treatments. Every cancer type is treated with a specific treatment regimen that might encompass one or more modalities such as surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy. In the year 1999, a first light-based therapeutic modality was approved for the treatment of cancers. It is known as Photodyamic Therapy (Terapia fotodinamica). It works by the principle that a drug (photosensitiser) makes the cells sensitive to light, the latter then activates the same drug (photosensitiser) that “destroys” the cancer cells. The light-based cancer therapies are non-invasive and less harmful, and are clinically approved to treat esophageal, lung, and skin cancers.

In our project "PROMPT" we develop new photosensitisers to overcome the problems of current drugs and improve the efficiency of photodynamic therapy. We welcome you all to visit our stand to learn more.